About James C. Tanner – The Road To Here

In June of 2007, who knew that a quiet writer, when all publishers had completed their tallies, was reaching a potential audience of 12,000,000 readers per month. No one was more surprised than the writer himself.

Digging deep, James C. Tanner forges ahead in life with a purpose driven passion…the pursuit for self-mastery–an ongoing work.

“In the face of difficult moments,” says James C. Tanner, “when life throws us a curve ball, it can be difficult to know how to navigate our way through the mess of our circumstance. The path to overcoming our greatest obstacle always starts with a choice–the gut driven… in your face… when everyone else says you can’t… decision to RISE ABOVE!”

Why He Doesn't Love You Anymore by James C Tanner. Self-help for those struggling with the pain of a broken heart, rejection, and emotional abandonment.

About James C. Tanner.