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james c tanner,jim tanner,ottawa, frontier ranch,rawhide,kelowna bcJames C. Tanner is a highly published Canadian writer, who has written and published for over 38 years.   Starting as a song writer, his first collection of over 200 lyric sets were published at age 16.  He has written and taught under contract, business skills development programs for clients such as, The Government of Canada.

With a writing portfolio which includes many genres, James C. Tanner has written heavily in areas of business, marketing, psychology, personal motivation and human interest. In recent years, he has returned to one of his more favoured genres of historical fiction.

Over the course of years, James C. Tanner has published almost exclusively under pen names utilizing 5 different pen names, each assigned to specific writing genres.

Recently Released:  Excelling In The Face Of Personal Chaos

In June of 2007, when tallies were gathered from all publishers, it was discovered that James C. Tanner’s monthly writings were reaching an average monthly audience of over 12 million readers.

Today, James C. Tanner lives the quiet life of a writer tucked away in the vineyard country of Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada.

Most Recent Kindle Books

by James C. Tanner

Released May 2015


Today, for every 100 business or entrepreneurial start-ups, 90 close. Discover the easy-to-fix missing link that most failing businesses share.  It doesn’t matter if you are an owner/operator, entrepreneur or business partner, discover how to turn your business around to improve profits and your bottom line.

This book addresses topics such as:

  • Tough Questions Require Tough Answers
  • Tough Questions Demand That All Blinders Be Removed

  • Your “WHY” Calls You Forward In Life To Succeed

  • In Business Your “WHY” Holds You Accountable To Success

  • Harnessing Our “WHY”

  • A Selfless “WHY” Out-lives Us

  • Knowing Our “WHY” Shapes Visions That Reach Beyond Us

  • Change Is Inevitable — Grow With It

  • Understanding The “Molecular Structure” Of A Business

  • Mastering Business Is All About Mastering Change

  • Managing The Human Element Through Seasons Of Change

  • Priced For Profitability

  • How To Price Business Services

  • Breaking Down The True Costs In Providing A Service

  • How To Determine A Fair Profit Margin For A Service Related Business

  • How To Price A Business Product

  • Pricing Models And Formulas

  • Understanding Gross Margin And Net Margin

  • Defining Your Break Even Volume

  • Understanding Competitive Pricing

  • Understanding Markup Pricing

  • Why Business Innovation Is So Important

  • Understanding The Two Differing Types Of Innovation

  • Sell Only What Profits

  • The True Mandate Of Every Business

  • The Two Real Sources Of Economic Cash Flow

  • Choose The Battles That Build Your Bottom Line

  • Filters For Workplace Battles

  • Filters For Customer Battles

  • Six Steps To Effective Conflict Resolution

  • Manage Your Time For Maximum Profitability

  • 9 Time Management Mistakes That Erode Your Bottom Line

  • 12 Keys To Profitable Time Management

  • Nurture A Growth Mentality

  • The Five Stages Of Young Business Growth

  • Profit By Leaving Your Comfort Zone At Home

  • Pushing The Boundaries Of Your Comfort Zone Increases Your Profitability

  • We Are Born To Be Natural Risk Takers

  • The Value Of Fear


We live in a fast changing economy where customer loyalty has quickly become a thing of the past. For those of us in business, “making a living” is requiring a whole new focus – a deeper mandate to succeed in the face of fiscal fury. Making it in today’s business market requires a new mind-set, one that beckons business owners back to a world of common sense practicalities.

With inexperienced leaders now at the helm of many small businesses, the role of wearing so many different hats in the workplace leaves little time for innovation and product expansion.

Today, change is the new constant, and if our businesses are not changing…if they are not growing…then our businesses are not only dying a slow death, but reality suggests they are already dead and simply waiting for us to announce the date and time of the funeral.

Harnessing Your Why – How To Make Your Business Create Money” delves into the necessity of re-identifying your “WHY” for being in business.

The same way we harness a horse to direct it, in business we must learn to harness the powerful strength of our “WHY” to place ourselves in a better position to direct our business into the path of a more profitable future.

Released January 2015

Excelling In The Face Of Personal Chaos by James C. Tanner. In our lives, order and chaos live in a state of ongoing tug-of-war. The emotional and psychological highs and lows of both order and chaos are familiar to us all. Learning to navigate our chaos rather than shutting it down, or denying it’s existence, can provide rich rewards.

In this book, James C. Tanner touches on topics such as: chaos and the lies we choose to believe; the foundation stone of personal forgiveness; the heavy weight of personal guilt; remorse; repentance; how your life is measured; understanding your true life calling; the power of origins; the importance of inner healing; quitting the blame and shame game; the pursuit of personal excellence; and finally two thieves called Yesterday and Tomorrow.

The evidences of chaos can vary, but often reveal themselves in the form of broken relationships, depression, illness, death, divorce, or job loss, etc. In extreme cases, as a means of coping, some turn to alcohol, sex, prescription drugs, or illegal drugs. The bright side is that the periodic loss of order in our lives provides tremendous potential for personal growth—an opportunity to excel in the face of personal chaos.

Released November of 2014

A Writer’s Storm: Writing For Passion or Money, Publishing Kindle Books, Self-publishing, or Traditional Print Publishing. By — James C. Tanner

In a world where Kindle books appear to be riding the wave of popularity when compared to traditional printed books, this book touches on many of the “hot button” dilemmas facing novice and amateur writers alike.

James C. Tanner is a highly published writer with over 38 years of publishing experience. As a writer he is often asked questions about writing and the various publishing processes. In short concise responses, this book addresses the most repeated questions he receives.

A Writer’s Storm: Writing For Passion or Money, Publishing Kindle Books, Self-publishing, or Traditional Print Publishing has been purposely written in a simple, easy to understand format, so even the most amateur writer can appreciate its contents.

Topics addressed in this book include:
— Writing For Passion
— Writing For Money
— The Importance of Understanding Who You Are Writing For
— Can I Make A Living From Writing?
— How Best Can I Market My Book?
— Creating A Sales Funnel For Your Book
— Should I Publish Online Or In Print?
— When Contacting A Publisher, Should I Have A Finished Manuscript?
— How Many Pages Should My Manuscript Be?
— How Do I Find A Topic To Write About?
— How Do You Handle A Letter Of Rejection From A Publisher?
— Should I Copyright My Work?
— When Writing My Manuscript, Which Publishing Software Is Best?
— Digital vs. Print
— Understanding Digital Publications a.k.a Electronic Books
— Publishing Kindle Books
— The Importance of Promoting Your Book Online
— Traditional Print Publishing – The 3 Main Types, And How They Differ.
— How Do You Keep Yourself Motivated To Finish A Writing Project?
— Will My Book Be A Best Seller?

A Writer’s Storm: Writing For Passion or Money, Publishing Kindle Books, Self-publishing, or Traditional Print Publishing, is a great resource for any budding writer, or established writer wishing to update themselves on current trends in the industry.

Released December of 2014

A Very Plain Amish Christmas Cookbook by James C. Tanner brings to the world of cooking some of the time tested traditional family recipes passed along from one generation to another in North America’s Amish community. This vault of healthy recipes brings to your home incredible Christmas recipes, dinner ideas, dessert recipes, and especially some very incredible cake recipes. These recipes are laid out so simplistically that even the most novice cook can create a masterpiece addition to the Christmas season table, or for that matter any other time of year as well. From meat dishes, to vegetable recipes, to traditional bread recipes, and dessert recipes, A Very Plain Amish Christmas Cookbook has something that will appeal to any appetite.

Scheduled For Release July 2015

7 savage sins of small business,and why entrepreneurs are addicted to them, james c tanner,why entrepreneurs are addicted,entrepreneurs are addicted, 7 savage sinsI am very excited to be announcing the soon to be released “7 Savage Sins Of Small Business — And Why Entrepreneurs Are Addicted To Them” by James C. Tanner.  This book will initially be made available on Kindle before being available in printed form or on any other eReader formats.


A Personal Note from James C. Tanner

I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to those who over the years have encouraged and socially supported my time spent writing.  No author can exist without those who take the time to purchase what is published.  A huge thank you goes out to those who have purchased in the past and will purchase in the future many of my books.

— James C. Tanner

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