The Quiet Man Behind The Words

Admitting to being his own worst critic, the fact that so many people read his material continues to surprise him.

People from all classes of life have touched the life of James C. Tanner, from the significantly impoverished, to the extremely wealthy, including exchanges with royalty.

“I really don’t think I’m that great a writer. I aspire to be a great writer, but in all honesty, I don’t think I’ve arrived at my best work yet.”

Why He Doesn't Love You Anymore by James C Tanner. Self-help for those struggling with the pain of a broken heart, rejection, and emotional abandonment.

By the age of 16, he had already completed the composition of 200 songs. A schooled classical guitarist, his love for writing became a natural expression, and yet for most of his life he wrote under a secret pen name, a pen name unknown to even his family members.

“As long as I remember, I’ve enjoyed expressing my thoughts on paper. I first published at age 16, and holding my work in a published book struck me, even then, as a normal progression in life.

In Elementary and Secondary School I was always terrible at Math. I once blew all the sink lids off of the chemistry lab sinks. Writing and good grades always flowed naturally for me in English Composition classes. Why fight the way I’m wired.”

Currently, James C. Tanner is putting the finishing touches on his next work, a work he describes only as a return to his original love.