Healthy Recipes and Easy Dinner Ideas — New Release

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We are very pleased to announce the November 24, 2015 release of Abigail Stanners’ new book, Healthy Recipes and Easy Dinner Ideas.

It’s been some time (2011) since the writing world last heard from Abigail Stanners, and her release of her first cookbook is a departure from her topics in past years.  We are looking forward to her next release in the next few days of her second cookbook.

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As a writer, it was decided some time ago, to begin to move in a direction whereby a person could collaborate on more writing projects.  In today’s world of literature, writing styles have radically changed since the 1800’s, and each and every writer brings to the industry his or her personal literary strengths and weaknesses.  By pooling skill sets, I look forward to bringing to the forefront, better quality reading material.  It’s for this reason I rally around the Abigail Stanners of this world to help endorse and promote books such as Healthy Recipes and Easy Dinner Ideas. 

James C. Tanner



Healthy Recipes and Easy Dinner Ideas

As stated in Abigail Stanners’ book description for Healthy Recipes and Easy Dinner Ideas:

In her book, Healthy Recipes and Easy Dinner Ideas, Abigail Stanners is out to show the world that healthy home cooking doesn’t have to be a headache and can be quick, simple, healthy, and much easier for the inexperienced home cook to prepare than most realize.

With over 170 pages of recipes, these dishes are authentic everyday home cooked items as well as some menu items which are traditionally reserved for festive occasions. Recognizing that many easy dinner ideas can look complicated, Abigail Stanners shows in Healthy Recipes and Easy Dinner Ideas the necessary simplified step-by-step processes required to lift these healthy recipes off of the page to where the end result can tantalize your palate.

These healthy recipes and easy dinner ideas fit easily into the everyday menu planning of the average family without busting the grocery budget. Many of the required ingredients are grown right in your average backyard vegetable garden.

From simple to slight more complicated, Healthy Recipes and Easy Dinner Ideas has something that will appeal to everyone.

Many of us enjoy a good roasted turkey, and this cookbook provides not only the traditional North American way to prepare and cook a turkey, but also the traditional Mexican way, for those who wish to bring a twist to an American classic meal.

Healthy Recipes and Easy Dinner Ideas feature recipes such as Mexican Stuffed Roast Turkey; Oven Baked Onion Rings; Cheesy Pecan Rolls; Deep Fried Zucchini Sticks; Cucumber Dip; Broiled Grapefruit & Oranges with Brown Sugar; Chicken in Peanut Sauce; Marinated Leg of Lamb; or Pork Chops prepared in Adobo Sauce.

Then there are the vast varieties of Apple Pizzas; Onion Fritters; Spicy Nut Mixture; Susan’s Stuffed Mushroom Caps; Mary’s Christmas Quiche; Easy Fried Cheese Sticks; Plank’s Fried Dill Pickle Slices; Rebecca’s Sweet Potato Bonbons; Elmo’s Favourite Piggy’s In Da Blanket; Samuel’s Cashew Crunch; Nancy’s Chicken-Corn Soup; not to mention the Toasted Pumpkin Seeds; Deviled Peanuts; Fried Stuffed Potatoes; Chicken Flautas; Pico de Gallo Chicken Quesadillas; Chicken Taquitos; Picadillo Empanadas; Ceviches; numerous styles of tacos, including Pulled Pork Tacos; Pennsylvania Dutch Potato Stuffing; Chicken in Peanut Sauce; Elizabeth’s Shepherd’s Pie; Ropp’s Chicken Pot Pie; Sausage, Chicken, Shrimp and Rice; Bontrager’s Beef Stew; Mexican Pot Roast; Carne en su Jugo (meat cooked in it’s own juices); Gloria’s Pot Roast; Chili con Carne; Mexican Meat Balls; Schnitz Und Knepp; Amish Meat Pies; Miriam’s Asparagus and Knepp; Rachel’s Saturday Night Baked Beans; Oyer’s Cabbage-Filled Peppers; Burki’s Creamed Spinach; Mary’s Simple Fried Eggplant; Wagler’s Squash; Gloria’s Baked Stuffed Tomatoes; Broccoli with Sauce; Susan’s Sour Cream Cabbage; Nancy Camp’s Fried Tomatoes; Samuel’s Baked Carrots; Fried Parsnip Patties; Crusty Baked Potatoes; Basque Potatoes; Amish Traditional Baked Stuffing or Dressing; Emma Bachman’s Chicken Loaf; Baked Potatoes and Green Beans; and Eli’s Wee Piglet Pie.

Your friends and family will enjoy the appetizers, quick lunches, breakfast dishes, main entrees, breads, and desserts all made from these healthy recipes and easy dinner ideas.  (Source:  Healthy Recipes and Easy Dinner Ideas)



Healthy Recipes and Easy Dinner Ideas

We know there’s a huge demand for those who are seeking out good time tested recipes, all we have to do is look at the number of internet searches each month on topics such as healthy recipes; soup recipes; pasta recipes; shrimp recipes; ground beef recipes; dinner recipes; breakfast recipes; easy recipes; easy dinner recipes; casserole recipes; chili recipe; dinner ideas; recipe; meatloaf recipe; slow cooker recipes; beef recipes; simple recipes; appetizers; and farm table (farm to table).  In case you don’t believe us, we’ll post below the actual number of searches these terms received on Google this month of November 2015.

Healthy Recipes and Easy Dinner Ideas by Abigail Stanners, brings to the the kitchen counter, a collection of recipes that in some cases, dates back as far as the 1800’s.  We know you will find culinary gold among many of these traditional recipes.

***Now…to encourage some of you great home cooks who have wondered how to best capitalize on your culinary skills, when it comes to publishing a cookbook such as Healthy Recipes and Easy Dinner Ideas, you might be interested to see how many people are atually running searches on Google for the following search terms.  This is how the Abigail Stanners’ of this world do it.

Number of November 2015 Searches On The Following Terms:

healthy recipes …………246,000

soup recipes……………..201,000

pasta recipes…………….165,000

shrimp recipes………….165,000

ground beef recipes…..165,000

dinner recipes…………..135,000

breakfast recipes……….135,000

easy recipes………………110,000

easy dinner recipes……110,000

casserole recipes………..60,500

chili recipe………………450,000

dinner ideas…………….368,000


meatloaf recipe………..368,000

slow cooker recipe……301,000

beef recipes………………60,500

simple recipes…………..27,100


farm table………………..14,800



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