The 7 Savage Sins of Small Business and Why Entrepreneurs Are Addicted To Them

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The 7 Savage Sins of Small Business and Why Entrepreneurs Are Addicted To Them

— by James C. Tanner

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Talent is never enough. While each and every one of us is born with talents, we fool only ourselves if we buy into the lie which states that our talents are all we need to succeed in life.

Our natural gifting, our talents, must marry with preparation before success can be earned, and preparation is a series of processes. If we are going to prepare for tomorrow, then we must embrace one single truth – tomorrow starts with us making the right choices and right use of today.

“The 7 Savage Sins of Small Business…and Why Entrepreneurs are addicted to Them” touches on seven of the most common areas where young and old, new or experienced entrepreneurs, as well as small and medium size business managers get it all wrong.
Wisdom dictates that if we take time to prepare today, then no time will be wasted repairing tomorrow.

A good leader knows that no matter how good the outcome, if something is being done the same way over and over again, then something is terribly wrong. Growth requires change, and every single performance can be improved upon. Growing forward in life is all about positive change. Positive change isn’t always easy change, as change pushes us out of our comfort zones.

Growing forward in life as a small business owner or entrepreneur is all about embracing change that matures us into something better, but we cannot grow if we do not choose to see and address what is holding us back.

CHAPTER 1 — The Changing World of Entrepreneurs
— The Entrepreneurial Crisis
— Have We Lost The Entrepreneurial Dream?
— How Is The Face Of Entrepreneurship Changing?
— Is There Hope For Today’s Entrepreneur?
— Will Today’s Entrepreneurial Road Be Easier?
— Do You Have What It Takes To Be An Entrepreneur?
— Addictions Of The Entrepreneur

CHAPTER 2 — The Sin Of Chasing Chickens With A Dull Rusty Axe
— Navigating The Stormy Seas Of Transition
— Change Is The New Constant
— Small Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs Must Embrace A New Mindset
— The Savage Sin of Small Business…Chasing Chickens With A Dull Rusty Axe

CHAPTER 3 — The Sin Of Ignoring Your Dream
— How Important Is A Dream…Really?
— Big Buts and Boo-Boos!
— A Dream Must Be Definable and Describable
— Is a Dream Critical To Success In Life?
— The Sin Of Ignoring Your Dream

CHAPTER 4 — The Sin Of Not Placing Value In Failure
— When Life’s Events Don’t Turn Out As We Had Planned
— Failure Is Most Often Defined Incorrectly
— The Top 7 Reasons As To Why People Experience Failure
— Failure Is Always An “Inside Job”
— Failure Must Happen For Success To Occur
— Accepting Failure As A Positive Influence

CHAPTER 5 — The Savage Sin Of Arrogance
— What Exactly Is “Arrogance” or “Being Haughty”?
— 5 Traits Which Suggest You May Be Struggling With Arrogance In Your Leadership Style
— Is Humble Leadership A Strong Form Of Leadership?
— The Importance Of Attitude
— We Are Responsible For Our Own Attitude And No One Else’s
— Who Am I To Judge?

CHAPTER 6 — The Sin Of Rose Colored Glasses
— The Perils Of Wearing Rose Colored Glasses In Business
— 10 Vital Problematic Areas Which Limit The Vision Of Small Businesses

CHAPTER 7 — The Sin Of Making An “ASH” Out Of Yourself
— Buring The Candle At Both Ends
— The Danger Of The Self-made Man or Woman
— 7 Psychological Barriers Which Prevent The Effective Delegation of Tasks
— 5 Recognized Dysfunctions of Business Teams
— Other Contributors To Burning The Candle At Both Ends

CHAPTER 8 — The Sin Of The Chain Gang
— Everybody Needs A Chain Gang In Their Life
— The Dynamics Of A Chain Gang
— The 7 Personalities Of A Dynamic Chain Gang or Business Team
— Dysfunctions In A Chain Gang and How To Address Them
— The Savage Sin Of A Runaway Chain Gang

The 7 Savage Sins of Small Business and Why Entrepreneurs Are Addicted To Them

In his book, The 7 Savage Sins Of Small Business and Why Entrepreneurs Are Addicted To Them, author James C. Tanner touches on some of the key hot spots of small business where business owners and managers often begin to falter on their course to success.

The 7 Savage Sins Of Small Business and Why Entrepreneurs Are Addicted To Them is currently available internationally on Amazon’s Kindle platform, and is scheduled to be available in printed format by October of 2015.


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