Congratulations — Mexican Food Gluten-Free Recipes

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Announcing the November 20th, 2015 release of Mexican Food Gluten-Free Recipes by Juana Sanchez.

James C. Tanner, is pleased to bring under the banner of his Publishing House this new release, Mexican Food Gluten-Free Recipes by Juana Sanchez.

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“We know there is a huge rise in demand for alternate diet information pertaining to gluten-free living,” states James C. Tanner.  “People are aggressively looking for ways they can exist without wheat gluten in their diet, and we can’t forget that up and until 10,000 years ago, humans didn’t consume grains at all.”

While medical statistics show that the number of diagnosed celiac disease patients remains at a constant one percent of the population in North America, there is a surprising upswing in the demand for gluten-free foods and gluten-free recipes.  Is it a fad, or the latest Hollywood trend?  Probably not.

Due to the invasive nature of the test required to confirm celiac disease, and the high chance of error in the findings, over eighty percent of all celiace disease victims go undiagnosed.  Add to the frenzy, the high number of those in North America who are diagnosed with closely related IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).  Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is the most common functional gastrointestinal (GI) disorder with worldwide prevalence rates ranging from 9–23% and U.S rates generally in the area of 10–15%.

While many point a finger at GMO Wheat products as the cause for the upswing in gluten intolerance across the populace, there has yet to be clear clinical evidence which confirms this.  Some people are pointing their fingers at agricultural pesticides such as “RoundUp”, but once again, there is no clear clinical evidence to suggest these products are to blame for what appears to be a sharp rise in the number of people who have developed some form of intolerance to gluten.  Have we become a populace which is clinging to some form of hysteria?

“I don’t think it’s mass hysteria at all,” says Los Angeles-based gastroenterologist Lourdes Bahamonde, pointing to several factors that might account for increased gluten sensitivity. For one, increased ingestion of highly processed foods, including those containing high fructose corn syrup and partially hydrogenated oils, may damage the sensitive balance of bacteria in the gut (the microbiome), she says.

Many non-celiac patients with irritable bowel syndrome benefit from a gluten-free diet, Bahamonde adds. “Because physicians have little to offer IBS patients, except suggest a change in diet, consumers have flocked the aisles looking for these products,” she says. “Interestingly, the Paleo diet also recommends grain avoidance; the vegan/granola crunchy masses concerned about the environment also seek alternatives to what modernized agriculture offers. People with diabetes (ever increasing in numbers) seek low glycemic products, which generally knocks wheat off the shelves. I think there is a variety of factors driving the market for Gluten-Free recipes and products today, celiac aside.”  (Source…

Mexican Food Gluten-Free Recipes

In her book, Mexican Food Gluten-Free Recipes, Juana Sanchez is out to show the world that gluten-free Mexican home cooking is quick, simple, healthy, and much easier for the inexperienced home cook to prepare than most people realize.

With over 325 pages of gluten-free recipes, these dishes are authentic everyday home cooked dishes as well as some menu items which are traditionally reserved for festive occasions.

Recognizing that many Mexican dishes are not traditionally fiery hot with peppers and spices, Juana Sanchez shows where in the recipes a person can make adjustments to adjust the heat or flavor intensities to suit your palate.

For those who struggle with gluten intolerances, you will be pleased to discover how Juana Sanchez has carefully paid close attention to this challenge by making these food recipes completely gluten-free.
These menu ideas fit easily into the everyday menu planning of the average family without busting the grocery budget. Many of these recipes are personal takes and twists on historical Mexican dishes, and the author explains where some dishes have been “Americanized” to suit the tastes of a wider international palate.

Food recipes for Mexican Stuffed Roast Turkey; Chicken in Peanut Mole Sauce; Marinated Leg of Lamb; Pork Chops prepared in Adobo Sauce; or that hard to find salsa recipe. Then there are the vast varieties of Shrimp, Crab and seafood dishes; not to mention the Quesadilla dishes; that favoured Enchilada Recipe, Burrito Recipe, Tortilla Soup Recipe; Mexican Salad Recipes; Gorditas; Pepitas; Empanadas; Ceviches; Taco Casserole; Mole Sauce; Mexican Casserole; wide range of Tortilla Soups and Chowders; numerous Fish, Chicken and Beef tacos; Pulled Pork Tacos; Chimichangas; Fajitas; and even instructions on how easy it is to make your own corn tortillas.

Your friends and family will enjoy the appetizers, quick lunches, breakfast dishes, main entrees, and even Mexican desserts and candies all made with these Mexican food recipes.

Mexican Food Gluten-Free Recipes

Mexican Food Gluten-Free Recipes will provide you and your kitchen with great alternative choices that will help you avoid the necessity of creating two completely different menus for your function.  Why struggle with creating a gluten-free menu right along side of a menu containing gluten.

Mexican Food Gluten-Free Recipes, by Juana Sanchez bring a sense of normalcy back into your kitchen, showing you how to prepare a diet which is largely based on the non-gluten grain source of corn.

Mexican Food Gluten-Free Recipes, by Juana Sanchez is exclusively available on Amazon’s Kindle until February 25th, 2015, at which time it will become more widely available in electronic reader format.

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