Harnessing Your Why – An Introduction



We live in a fast changing economy where customer loyalty has quickly become a thing of the past. For those of us in business, “making a living” is requiring a whole new focus – a deeper mandate to succeed in the face of fiscal fury. Making it in today’s business market requires a new mind-set, one that beckons business owners back to a world of common sense practicalities.

Ours is an economy which demands that we get brutally honest in how we look at our businesses, and not flinch when it comes time to give the tough answers to what may appear to be really tough questions.

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Harnessing Your Why — by James C. Tanner

Many of us make the mistake of hanging onto what isn’t working, fooling ourselves into thinking that things will change; or navigate our business with a mentality which tries to convince us that “we need to offer something at a loss to make a profit”.

Myths exist in the business world we live in. Somewhere along the line people have taken on the mentality that making a profit is an evil injustice to society. Let’s face it…if we are not making a profit, we are not in business, and if we persist in functioning at a financial loss then we are only lying to ourselves, as the end will soon collapse around our inflated pride.

We live in an era where we are shamed by the concept of failure, instead of embracing failure for what it truly is – the launch pad to our next success. We learn from mistakes. Failure is as much a positive growth step as is success. One cannot succeed until he or she has experienced some form of failure. We cannot know one without the other.

While many businesses focus on what they are doing, most faltering businesses, upon review discover they have lost sight of the “WHY” they are in business. Until we embrace, or re-acquaint ourselves with our “WHY” in life, we cannot clearly answer the beckoning questions of “WHO”, “WHAT” or “WHERE”.

One truth remains constant in life – change is inevitable. We can choose to grow with change or get swallowed up by change.


Harnessing Your Why — An Introduction

Harnessing Your Why – How To Make Your Business Create Money” delves into the necessity of re-identifying your “WHY” for being in business.

The same way we harness a horse to direct it, in business we must learn to harness the powerful strength of our “WHY” to place ourselves in a better position to direct our business into the path of a more profitable future.

By Author — James C. Tanner

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